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    Raumanga Valley waterfall

    Raumanga Valley is a little hidden gem tucked away just outside of the Whangarei CBD in Northland New Zealand, this reserve resides in a populated area but is secluded by the bush clad valley and stream that runs through the reserve.

    The reserve is accessed through Raumanga Valley Road and drive until you see the park entrance or you can access the reserve by foot from the Tarewa Park, there are no facilities here just a path that leads you through some great open parkland and follows the river side.

    The track is easy going and well maintained and suitable for all the family to walk, once through the open parkland the track winds up a small incline to the first lookout of the Raumanga Water Falls the falls are a cascade type fall and at around 15 meters high are a great sight.

    A little further on up the track there is a deviation to the top of the Raumanga Falls and care needs to be taken here as the rocks are slippery, there is access to the very top of the waterfall with a great view down into the deep pool below and an other cascade type smaller waterfall above the main falls.

    This is a great place for a picnic in the summer time, walking towards the top end of the track there is an un official track that decends down to the river, here you can cross the rocks over a deep pool and explore the unmarked tracks on the other side of the river, there are a few smaller cascades here that are great to photograph.

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