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    Wairua Falls Whangarei

    The Wairua Falls are located in Whangarei, Northland New Zealand, access to the falls are off Mangakahia Road just out from Maungatapere the road out to the falls is lose gravel and predominantly open farm land so drive to the conditions.

    The Wairua Falls are feed by the Wairua River which travels some 80kms through mostly open farmland, the river was favored by early Maori as a transport route and also was a major food source for Maori with eels and native trout the preferred food.

    The Wairua River is also a source of hydro electric power, and a hydro plant has been operating here since 1916 and is still in use today, the power plant has an influence on the river level particuly during the dry summer months when the falls may only be a tricle of water.

    The Wairua Falls are a Block type waterfall characterized by a wide river and wide entry over the fall face the height is around seven meters, during the wet months of New Zealand's winter when there has been a significant downpour of rain the falls come to life with a thundering fall of water over the waterfall.

    There are no walking tracks associated with the Wairua Falls and the carpark is right on the side of the drop giving a fantastic view across the face of the waterfall, however there is a track with a dangerous decent down to the base of the waterfall if you can find it through the trees do so at your own risk.

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