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    Dargaville Northland

    Dargaville in New Zealand's Northland region is a city that goes largely unnoticed by many tourists travelling north, as the preferred route is usually on the other side and up the east coast through the Bay Of Islands however this city on the West Coast has a lot to offer.

    Dargaville is situated on the banks of the Wairoa River and the city prospered from milling of the giant Kauri tree which were growing all over the northland region the logs were taken by sailing boats down the Wairoa and over the treacherous Kaipara Harbor bar to Onehunga on the Manukau Harbor in Auckland.

    By the late 1920's the giant Kauri tree had been totaly decimated in the region and the area turned to dairy farming and growing of Kumera on the fertile soil to keep the city going, today the area is still a farming community made up of dairy and sheep farms.

    Just north of Dargaville are the Kai Iwi Lakes a natural spring feed lake system which are popular with holiday makers in the summer time, the sand is pure white and the lake is very clear and regularly stocked with Rainbow trout.

    Tokatoka Peak an extinct and eroded volcanic cone lyes on the shores of the Wairoa River just south of Dargaville a short climb up a very steep track provides fantastic views out over the Wairoa River, Dargaville city and the west coast.

    Baylys Beach is a short drive from the city centre to the wild west coast, the beach is beautiful and pritine you can drive along the beach if you have a four wheel drive vehicle, to the south is Potu Point and the lighthouse that guards the infamous Kaipara Bar crossing.

    The Dargaville museum is located just south of the city and close to the shores of the Wairoa River, the museum provides an insight into the early life of settlers in the region with exhibits featuring the pioneering days, Maori culture in the region and a section devoted to maritime history which the area is famous for.

    Just south of Dargaville is Maungaraho Rock an impressive monolith left over from an extinct volcano the outer crust has eroded leaving the solid core of the volcano behind, the climb up the rock is not for the faint hearted as chains embedded into the steep rock face are need to ascend the mountain a good head for heights are needed and the views are rewarding.

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