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    Rotorua is fast becoming a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, favored by people from all over the world for the diverse range of outdoor activities that are available in both Rotorua and the surrounding areas.

    Located centrally more or less in New Zealand's North Island Rotorua is best known for the bubbling mud pools and beautiful geysers that spring from the warm earth below, as the area is an active geothermal landscape.

    There are many tours available through the magical geothermal landscapes with places like Hells Gate, the areas biggest attraction, Hells Gate is a geothermal park and the only place in New Zealand where you can relax in a hot thermal mud bath a great place for all the family to enjoy.

    For the adventurous White Island is only a short flight away located on New Zealand's East Coast, White Island is a very active Volcano that rises up from the ocean, helicopter flights are available to the island most days and you can land on the island during certain times of little volcanic activity a great day out for anyone.

    For trout fishing enthusiasts there are many world class lakes and rivers available within a short drive of Rotorua, Lake Rotorua holds a healthy population of Rainbow and Brown trout, the world famous Lake Tawawera holds some trophy fish only a short drive away, as is Lake Okataina, Lake Rotoehu, Lake Rotoma and Rotoiti all these fisheries can produce trophy trout.

    Rotorua is fast becoming popular with mountain bike enthusiasts with areas like the Whakarewarewa Forest only a short drive away providing diverse and unique mountain bike trails through the undulating landscape, and Rotorua also play host to the Crankworx world tour a thrilling display of professional bike jumps and stunts.

    For thrill seekers there is more than just the mountain biking available in Rotorua, the Skyline Luge and Gondala is a great place to enjoy, ride down the luge track for a great thrill or take the gondala up the mountain side for spectacular views over Lake Rotorua and beyond.

    Hiking enthusiasts are well catered for with some stunning nature walks available through the Whakarewarewa Forest, the walks are through the magnificant Rewood trees which tower overhead a great place to take in the peace and quite of a forest walk, there are also many other walks available in surrounding areas for people of all fitness levels. 

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    Some tracks may be closed temporarily due to Kauri Dieback or other circumstances please check first before planning your walk. Check for track closures

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