Parihaka Scenic Reserve Northland

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    Mount Parihaka

    Looking for a great place to spend the day with great views and fantastic walking tracks then the Parihaka scenic reserve in Northland New Zealand is just for you, located within walking distance from the Whangarei CBD the reserve is a great place to get away from the city.

    The main attraction for the Parihaka Scenic reserve is Mount Parihaka this mountain is an eroded volcanic cone and at 241 meters above sea level provides some fantastic veiws from the summit down onto Whangarei City and the inner Whangarei harbour.

    The summit is accessible by vehicle but that would be to easy, the more enjoyable way to the summit is via the Ross Track, there are a number of other tracks to the summit but the Ross track features an old gold mine shaft that is still accessible from the track and a beautiful little waterfall to view along the way.

    Mount Parihaka was a favored place for early Maori in the area and the Hokianga and the Dobbie tracks both have remains from early occupation with over one hundred terraces that were used for houses scattered through the bush, the Ross track has remains of Maori Kumara pits which were used to store the Kumara a favored food among Maori people.

    There are four walking tracks located within the reserve some link up with other walking tracks and a moderate level of fitness is required the tracks are well maintained and take you through some fantastic native trees with the giant Kauri prominent, there is also a war memorial at the summit for solders who died in world war two.

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    Track Closures/Alerts

    Some tracks may be closed temporarily due to Kauri Dieback or other circumstances please check first before planning your walk. Check for track closures

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