Flagstaff Hill Historic Reserve

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    Flagstaff Russell

    Flagstaff Historic Reserve

    Flagstaff Hill is a prominent landmark in New Zealand's Northland region, located in historic town of Russell in the Bay Of Islands, Flagstaff Hill is where the British flew the Union Jack during the mid 1800s but this caused conflict with local Maori in the area.

    New Zealand's treaty of Waitangi was signed in 1840 just across the bay at Waitangi but local Maori chief Hone Heke saw this flag as a loss of control to the British and an ally of Hone Heke, Te Haratua cut down the flagstaff in july 1840.

    Flagstaff Hill was gazetted as the Flagstaff Hill Historic Reserve and is currently under management by the department of conservation as the area has significant historical value to New Zealand, from the lookout at the flagstaff you get stunning views around the Bay Of Islands. 

    Fladgate Recreation Reserve

    The Fladgate Recreation Reserve was gifted to the department of conservation for the purpose of a walkway, the track borders the Flagstaff Hill Historic Reserve and is a great alternative way see to the flagstaff.

    The are two access points to the reserve the first is midway up Wellington Street and the entrance to the Fladgate Recreation Reserve can be found follow the signs to the entrance, the second access is off Titore Way close to the Flagstaff.

    This walkway is through native bush and follows a smal stream for most of the way, around halfway through the short walk is a junction that leads down to a beach and at low tide you can follow the beach around to Russell, from Wellington Street the walkway takes you through to Titore Way and a short walk along the road is the entrance to Flagstaff Hill Historic Reserve.

    Nancy Fladgate Track

    The Nancy Fladgate Track is a short bush walk that is accessed off Titore Way a short distance from the entrance to the Flagstaff Hill Historic Reserve, this short walk is through regenerating native bush and leads down to Waihihi Bay a beautiful secluded beach the walk one way takes around 15 minutes and is rated as easy. 

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