Waimahanga Walkway Northland

Boswells Track

Looking for a quiet and peaceful semi coastal walk suitable for all the family in the heart of Whangarei in New Zealand's Northland region the Waimahanga Walkway maybe just what you are looking for.

The walkway runs from Waimahunga Road through to Cockburn Road in Whangarei Northland the main part of the walkway is formed from the disused Kioreroa Onerahi railway embankment which was in service from 1911 to 1933.

The rail line serviced the Onerahi Wharf and provided a much needed rail link to the port of Whangarei, the rail link crossed the Whangarei Harbour on a 300 meter long timber bridge which was knowen as the Gull Roost Bridge the foundations are still visible today.

The walk starts from Waimahunga Road along a flat graveled track which winds through scrub land and native trees before entering the tidal reserve and the start of the old railway embankment here you are surrounded by mangrove trees and the tidal estuary.

Around 1.5 kilometers into the walk there is a side track named the Gull Roost Track, this track takes you out through the mangrove trees and to the old site of the Gull Roost Bridge, there is a fantastic sea shell beach here suitable for a picnic or quiet relaxation away from the city.

Back on the main track and the start of the old railway embankment, this section of the walkway is named Boswell's Track but is still part of the Waimahanga Walkway this section is through the inter tidal zone of the Whangarei Harbour.

There is plenty of Flora and Fauna to see on this walkway with large mangrove tree's dominating the landscape, when the tide is in there is a great peaceful ambiance about the place with reflections in the still water, when the tide recedes you will see all sorts of marine life searching for food in the tidal pools and mud of the inter tidal zone.

This walk is rated as easy and will take around one hour one way including the side track to the Gull Roost Bridge, the walkway is shared with mountain bikers and dog walkers as well, the track is walkable in all conditions and suitable for the whole family to enjoy as a great day out in the city.  

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