Mount Lion Whangarei Northland

Mount Lion Te Whara Track

Mount Lion is a 395 meter high peak which is part of the Te Whara Track located at Busby Head Whangarei Harbor in New Zealand's Northland region, the Te Whara Track stretches from Smugglers Bay at Busby Head all the way to Ocean Beach at Bream Head.

The entire Te Whara track takes around five hours of walking one way, and there are several other tracks within the Busby Head area to explore, from the Busby Head carpark there is a short walk through open farmland to the start of the Te Whara Track.

The walk up to the Mount Lion summit requires a good level of fitness as the climb is mostly up steep sets of man made steps for just about the entire 395 meter climb to the top of the mountain.

The area is fairly exposed to winds from the ocean side of the mountain although you are protected from much of the wind with the trees that suround you, the track up the mountain side is well graded and suitable in most weather conditions.

Around half way up the climb to Mount Lion there are some fantastic views down onto Smugglers Bay directly below the mountain and also over to the other side of the Whangarei Harbor and the Marsdon Point oil refinery, and out to the side there are glimpses of Mount Mania through the trees.

This walk is ideal for most of the family although the ascent maybe difficult for children, there is a fantastic lookout at the summit on a clear day with views up the East Coast to Kauri Mountain and the Taiharuru Peninsula in the north.

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