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    Explore New Zealand Hiking Trails

    Explore New Zealand's many walks there are many fantastic walks available through out New Zealand some through unspoilt native bush, some along deserted white sandy beaches.

    There is a walk suitable for every one some walks are only short strolls through the bush while others are multi day adventures for more experienced walkers.

    New Zealand Travel Adventures

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    Explore New Zealand Waterfalls

    Explore some of New Zealand's stunning waterfalls like the breath taking Sutherland Falls near the Milford Track with a vertical drop of 580 Meters to the graceful Piroa falls in the Northland region.

    Some waterfalls were carved out by Glaciers thousands of years ago and provide a stunning view as the water cascades down the drop to the river below.


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    Explore New Zealand Destinations

    Explore New Zealand's many travel destinations from the Northland region at the top of the country to Southland at the very bottom of New Zealand and see what the cities and small rural towns of New Zealand have to offer.

    There are sixteen regions in New Zealand with nine regions in the North Island and seven regions in the South Island, each region have there own attractions.